Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A musical drive

Atlanta traffic is horrid (especially when your commute is 28 miles each way!) To make it worse, the antenna for the radio on my ancient 1999 ML 320 (w/161K miles) does not work well, if at all. Luckily, I have an iPod! I have learned that the commute is about the average time of a "classic" CD. To wit--I have recently listened to the following albums in their entirety: Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here", Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon", Rush "Permanent Waves" and today's choice was Dave Matthews Band "Before These Crowded Streets". So I guess it's my way of giving my commute a bit of a silver lining as there seem to be no options for our roads--I am too 'all over the place' with closings, etc. to ever take mass transit and our local officials cannot come up with any viable transit options anyway (other than the ill-fated "HOT" toll lanes on I-85--what a boondoggle! So if you see me in my 'purple truck' jamming out (okay, so it's really burgundy) smile and just ignore me!