Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Formula One is the best form of auto racing

People love racing cars--from 'stoplight to stoplight' to watching professionals, we all love the thrill of 'wheel to wheel' racing. While I have a huge appreciation for racers of all levels (NASCAR, IndyCar, SCCA, LeMans Series) I am most impressed by the 'top of the heap', which is Formula 1. Formula 1 is open wheel racing, not to be confused with Indianapolis 500 racers (though the American Grand Prix used to be held at Indy though they used an infield road course with only 1 or 2 actual turns of the famed Indy oval).

Don't believe me? While some races can be a yawner (with parade processions) take a look at last week's Singapore race. From start to finish, this race was something to behold! Seek out Speed TV on your TV provider; set it to record the next race in Japan. There are only 3 races left in the season I believe; 3 to 5 drivers have a chance at winning the world championship and they are all fighting to the end.

Another reason why F1 is the pinnacle of Motorsports--the cars are all different, with different engine suppliers as well. A Ferrari car is different than another team's Ferrari powered car; ditto for several teams running Mercedes powerplants. It's not like the boring looking 'car of tomorrow' in NASCAR, and how many of the featured cars (Ford, Chevy, Toyota) actually run street cars with carbs??? Dated technology, all focused on providing a 'show'. Well, give me drama and actual racing (and this comes from a guy from "NASCAR central", Owensboro, KY, home of Darrel Waltrip, Michael Waltrip, the Greenes, Jeremy Mayfield and Motorcycle stud Nicky Hayden).

So give me cars that turn left AND right and see what F1 is all about! As for this year's championship, I am torn between Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso--I love Ferrari and Alonso's passion, but this year my sentimental fave is Webber (it just seems like his best chance--root for the old guy ; )