Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Atlanta Flooding

I feel for all the people who have lost homes in all of our recent flooding. While it didn't truly affect us (except for some deep water detours and heavy traffic) our office had some intense flooding behind us. Take a look at Peachtree Creek on Monday morning (2 shots, deep water) and then Tuesday (in a word-MUD) and today (dirty and dusty). I count my blessings that this is all my family had to face in this tough situation. Please say a prayer for those who lost everything (or even people who had a bit of 'nuisance' water dribble into their homes). Have a safe and dry evening.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Atlantans cannot drive... or use their brains it seems!

What is it with Atlanta drivers? As a Southerner I'd make fun of people (read: Yankees) who now live here and brought bad habits with them, but this is actually all based on common sense-or lack thereof!

It's raining, dark, foggy or overcast--doesn't matter; it's 'kinda dark'. So what would someone with common sense do? TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS. In ATL? It means continue to drive like an idiot (pick your 'annoyance'--texting while driving, cell phone chatting, no turn signals, swerving in and out of lanes or being a left-lane bandit).

Let me say this again: IT IS A LAW TO HAVE YOUR LIGHTS ON WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR WIPERS ON. Even if it's not raining (or just plain overcast/dusk) why not turn on your lights so that you can see and be seen? Just because you may have x-ray vision, the law still applies to you (especially the whiz kids who drive gray/white/silver/black cars that get lost in low-light situations).

So use your brains, ATLiens--you may save your own life in the process!