Friday, February 29, 2008

I just learned about...

I just learned about the coolest tool called It's allowing me to blog from my cell phone right now. Check it out yourself. It's free.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Newsletter Ramblings...

So this is fatherhood... A few weeks ago there was a limited run of "Hannah Montana in 3-D" (a concert film). Yep, our daughter is hooked and we were all in attendance for a show--try $16 per ticket and the only available tickets left were late at night OR at 8:15AM (yes, AM!) Our son was not too excited to attend but we survived. Had I attended an actual concert I would expect that my ears would STILL be ringing! (screaming little girls sound like a jet taking off, even in film!)

No space for vino this week, but note that there is some new wine-shipping legislation proposed. Not really what I want, but yet another baby step. Check out HB 1061 (link HERE) Suffice it to say that there are still high barriers to allowing vineyards to ship their products to GA. Sigh... Free trade, what a concept!

Vacation tip: Like horses? Want an awesome bed & breakfast experience? Head to Madison, GA and visit the Southern Cross Guest Ranch. We had a wonderful time celebrating Julia's 8th birthday (which was in January, but last weekend fit our schedule better). Bring your own wine/beer for meals & advil for sore muscles! We highly recommend the experience! Click HERE for the link!

Have you heard about Verizon Wireles/Encore Park Amphitheatre opening up in Alpharetta? What a great concert venue for North Fulton! Chastain atmosphere without having to drive too far. Looking forward to Tom Petty this summer : )

Thank goodness for the rain again, eh? Happy Friday!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Real Estate Corner: What's on YOUR title?

A lot of people don't understand what it means to hold title to their home (and how important details can be). How names are spelled, are both you and your spouse on the deed, who's on the loan, etc. I've had several recent conversations with people about different deeds formats. Here's the scoop-a Warranty Deed means that the person who sold you the property more or less "warrants" that you have a clean title (if not-that's why you have owner's title as well and it gives you a cause of action against them). Most builders use a Limited Warranty Deed, which cuts off their liability as of the date THEY received it. People ask about Quit-claim deeds all the time-that is a deed that gives 'whatever they own'. I can give you a Quit-claim to the Brooklyn Bridge-but I just gave you what I own-NOTHING! (If I ever became the owner of that Bridge, then yes, you'd own it). Think twice about signing ANY deed of ownership (any/all of the above) unless you are actually selling your home OR correcting an error. If you put someone ON title you may have difficulty getting them OFF title. The common story would be an engaged couple buying a house and their relationship goes sour-what if it wasn't an equitable purchase (she paid in more, etc.). If he wants 'something' to sign a deed ($$$!) she may have to pay him. Not fair? Sure, but she can't 'force' him to sign over his interest. Married? You should both be on title, but don't have to be on a loan. Lots of details here, call me w/Q's!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Need a house, click any of these links 1 2 3 4 to see my house for sale. It's a great deal and there has been a lot of traffic lately--but it's time to go! Chop chop! 5.5% interest rates? Great prices? What's holding you back? : ) Cheers, Bo

Monday, February 11, 2008

Love is in the air!

What moves you? What makes you happy? The word "Love" is bantered around quite a bit (I love my car, I love that dog, etc.) but what is really important to you? When I remarried I jumped in to being a parent with both feet--try being 41 with no kids, set in my ways and immediately being responsible for a 7 year-old daughter and a 14 year-old son? (not to mention the 22 year-old daughter that's on her own and you've seen photos of Gavin, our grandson!) Well, add another year (of marriage and in ages)--it's been a wonderful experience and more that I could have expected. Not that I am a joy to live with (ask any of them : ) and ask Susie about my 'infinite' knowledge of raising children ("And how many children have YOU had?" is a favorite quote from her). What am I saying? Suffice it to say that I fell in love with a wonderful woman, and I have the "added bonus" of a wonderful family (Susie was/is a great Mom!). THAT's what moves me, THAT's the Love of which I speak! Happy Valentine's Day-I hope you are blessed with family and happiness as well!

Don't forget-Chocolate reportedly is good for you (like wine or anything else, always in moderation!). Evidently wonderful antioxidents + mood-enhancing qualities. I concur! Great valentine's gift through the ages..

Friday, February 1, 2008

Time to VOTE

Want a win-win charity opportunity? Want to win a new Toyota FJ? Only 750 tickets are being sold (@ $100 each) to benefit 3D Life. Call 770.888.7653 to purchase yours TODAY!

I forgot to mention this earlier--Did you buy a home or change the way you hold title to your property in 2007? You need to make sure you file for your Homestead Tax Exemption with your local County Tax Commissioner soon so you can make sure you get that important tax break! Remind your clients as well; they'd love to hear from you!

While I'm on saving money (and yet another SOAPBOX alert!) if you want to pay extra on your monthly mortgage, DON'T use your mortgage company's bi-weekly plan or whatever they call it. They normally charge you monthly fees (along with a $300-500 "setup" fee) for this service! Why not do it yourself for FREE? If you're on a fixed loan, if you pay one extra payment per year (or add 1/12 extra each month) you will knock 6-8 years off a 30-year loan! Make sure to note that this extra is for PRINCIPAL reduction! FHA loan? Make sure they have it BY THE FIRST to count!

Not that is completely unbiased, but check out 'true' poverty statistics HERE

Another political Factoid-Obama was voted the #1 "most liberal" Senator, whatever that means... MORE HERE

CHOOSE A CANDIDATE! Click HERE for a great tool to figure out who has the same views you do! Please Vote next week!