Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Year, New Law

Here's my latest newsletter item; some of it is a 2nd look at a prior post on SB 346 but it's worth reading again!

It's 2011 and I wanted to make sure you were aware of a new law that took affect on January 1--there is a "new and improved" law relating to appealing the valuation of your property. I took a 39 page Georgia state Senate bill and tried my best to summarize it, ending up with a 3 page summary. Instead of putting all that info in this newsletter, it can be found using THIS LINK. Suffice it to say that if you haven't yet received your 2011 valuation from the county, you can still use the PT-50R form found HERE to get the process started, but as so much has changed it would be a good idea to take some time to read my summary. Click here to read a recent AJC article about using that form and gives some background about the property tax return process.
One other reminder--you do need to file your homestead exemption if you purchased your home in 2010 or if you did something to change the title of your property in 2010. For example, if you added (or removed) your spouse/ partner/ other, you may have jeopardized your homestead exemption--even if you didn't need to re-file, it doesn't hurt to do so as you'd hate to see your taxes go UP, right? Note--if you merely refinanced and signed only a Security Deed, there is no change in the title to your property and no change to the exemption is needed.
While I'm on the topic of exemptions, click on THIS link to find out all of your county's available exemptions--you may qualify for more than you realized!