Monday, August 1, 2011

A quick thought on our Debt Crisis!

I had to put the exclamation mark in the title to imitate the media and their hysterics--not to say that a debt default wouldn't put the US into a tailspin: It would. It's just my swipe at the lamestream media and their crazy thoughts. Whatever, here's my rant:

Saw a Harry Reid quote: "People on the right are upset, people on the left are upset, people in the middle are upset," he said. "It was a compromise." Ah, so that's what compromise is? Let's get both sides together and see who we can make blink first...

My response is this: the people who are upset are "We the People". Not only that, We the People (WTP) are the ones who are getting hosed. WTP will PAY for the needless spending. WTP will be taxed if they cannot make up their minds. WTP will pay regardless of who 'wins' and WTP are the ones injured by government largess. When will D.C. figure out that WTP are why they (politicians) are there? Let's have more thinking of WTP instead of making us say WTF!

WE THE PEOPLE put you in office; shame on us for allowing you to remain there... All of you are a disappointment; all of you are to blame. Be it back in the "W" days (of course it's all his fault, right?) or in the current "Big Government is Good Government" Administration (just say NO)--you (read: Congress and our Government) have spent MY MONEY and wasted MY MONEY and you are harming the country. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! Now quit bickering and fix this mess!