Friday, August 22, 2008

John Mayer anyone?

We purchased tickets for John Mayer's upcoming concert at Verizon/Encore Park here in Alpharetta but will be unable to attend (so don't look for any photos online : ) There will be other bands for the concert as it is Star 94's "Starfest". We have 2 great tickets (section 101, row P) and they're offered at $125. Let me know asap as I will be putting more info out there soon. Concert is 8/29/08

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Of Love, Birthdays, Buddies and Elvis Presley!

Yep, we've done it now... After our border collie Lillie had a bout of "Separation Anxiety", the prescription seemed to be finding her a companion. You're looking at "Spike" a lovely "Boxador" (my word, as he favors a boxer and has some Lab "in the mix"). Sadly enough, Spike broke his leg when he was around 5 months old and his owners couldn't afford to pay his bill (they were probably in real estate!). He had 'hung out' at the vet's for almost 6 months. A recent 'play date' at our home with Lillie turned into a weekend and more--he's now one of the family. Lillie is less lonely, but she can certainly be hateful when Spike 'gallumps' into her personal space! He is curious about everything (especially some cake left on the counter yesterday morning which "mysteriously" landed in his lap...). If you are petless, think about adopting a buddy (or two!) of your own. No need to spend big bucks for a puppy mill puppy! Yes, you can expect to see Spike & Lillie in future emails ; )

It's funny to think about celebrating just 2 years since I proposed to my wife Susie (Jul 21st). She says I never actually asked her, but I think the whole ring thing may have been a clue? I dove in with reckless abandon and I've never looked back. Best move I ever made...

Speaking of which, There are many things you should do at least once in your life. If you happen to be a fan of "The King" (especially if your son shares his middle name), shouldn't you visit Graceland? Forget winning the World Series and heading to Disneyland; how about sharing your true love's interest in a man and his life? I was honored to take my wife to Memphis (with a stop in Tupelo to see where he was born) and was suitably moved. Yes, it was a home truly trapped in the '70's but to be honest, it was much less ostentatious than I expected (and much more 'down to earth' than many ATL McMansions!). Regardless, I think Susie enjoyed seeing it all and I know we had some great food along the way. I can say nothing but wonderful things about our overnight stop in Birmingham>>you simply MUST go to Highlands Grill! We had the most amazing meal (a tasting menu) perfectly paired with wines. You know I am a food/wine lover--but I have also 'ruined' my wife and am so proud of her. Perhaps I have a little more knowledge of different wine varietals, but her palate is actually much better than mine. No, she's not a wine snob, and is definitely adventurous and is open to new tastes. I love sharing 'my hobby' with her and was so pleased to see her face light up after one particular course (a lightly baked fig/cheese tart paired with a light, crisp white that escapes me...). I am pleased to have shared a trip, a moment, an adventure (and every day) with her.