Monday, June 16, 2008

Global Warming Rant

While I am already sick of 'summer' here in ATL, I have to add this link to my blog. While I am a closet tree-hugger (I recycle, use CFL lightbulbs, try to save water, gripe when my neighbors run their STUPID irrigation systems, etc...) I think we're going down the wrong path. Bottom line, we need to do our part to save the environment and preserve our wonderful Earth--but at the same time, it's not just us, people! I'm no scientist but the Earth goes through natural heating/cooling cycles; tell Mr. Elite (a/k/a Al Gore) to stay out of his private jet (yes, I am jealous : ) and hush a little! I bet that some facets of "Global Warming" are true, but let's get a grip!

Fact: we have no solid energy policy. That's W AND Congress' fault. It's time to drill in our country or off our coast. Ask Brazil-they are gearing up to tap into their newly-found resources off their coast... while China is chomping at the bit to drill off the coast of Cuba. Yep, WE can't drill in the Gulf, but China can! We don't have enough oil. A long-term fix hasn't been discovered/made economically viable as of yet. For the short-term, WE NEED OIL. It's time to drill in the USA! Click HERE and sign the petition today!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Musical Ramblings, etc.

No, that's not Condi Rice rocking to KISS, that's actually Alicia Keys belting out a tune at Philips Arena. We love going to concerts and will have had the opportunity to attend concerts at 3 different arenas this summer-Steve Miller at the new Verizon Amphitheater, Alicia as noted, good old Eddie Money at Cobb's Mable House Amphitheater (2 tickets to paradise, anyone?) and back to Verizon for Tom Petty. Phillips is always a treat (though $20 parking is crazy!) but Verizon was hit and miss for us. I don't know who supplies the camera people, but as you can see above, Philips does it righ-(i.e. while I can't see her face, the monitor shows it clearly-at Verizon, half the time I was looking at a local dignitary near the front or a DISTANCE shot of the stage. Gee, I am SITTING at a distance, I can see that view already?? Also I wasn't too pleased about their wine choices and just drank beer, C'est la vie!

Random data: GA is down to #7 in the U.S. for Foreclosures. Home prices have actually gone up for the short-term! Note: my lender friends are telling me that rates are going UP now! So (broken record alert!) GET OFF THE FENCE!

Anybody know how to get rid of critters in your attic?

Interesting Poll results: people are avoiding flying due to all the drama & delays & I don't blame them! If a 400 mile drive is around 5.5 hours-after getting to the airport early, going thru security, following the other lemmings on the plane, waiting for takeoff, bags, etc.-how long? Same!