Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy B-day Susie!

With apologies to Beyonce, we are celebrating a "b-day" today (7-29)--my business partner's. No, not my fellow "name on the door" partner Jeff Harris, but the birthday of my lifetime business partner Susie. Why business partner? WHAT business? Like the Godfather, Family business! While she does keep our real estate closing business running smoothly (pre-closer, closer, accountant, payroll, office manager, customer service rep, etc. etc.) she is also responsible for the success of our family business.

As noted in my last newsletter, Susie is a great Mom and is very organized. She has pretty much run her own show since her late teens and has been in the real estate business her entire life, beginning her career in the 1980's with the late Michael Sellers. She has never lived in an apartment and bought her first home before she was 21--she really understands real estate and all that it takes to make a closing run smoothly. As for our family, she has her priorities right and keeps our house humming with efficiency. A true multi-tasker, she keeps our work schedule straight, our "kid schedule" straight and our social engagements in line--each Sunday she even sorts out a menu and plans our shopping list for the week! I am the designated sous-chef, though I sometimes 'pinch hit' for her when she's out (in fact, pray for me tonight as I try to make 'something' for the first time; ask me about it tomorrow)--she is awesome with recipes, assembly instructions, (patience) sewing instructions, baking instructions (and closing instructions of course). I hope I am getting across that she is an awesome lady! Please join me in wishing Susie Wagner a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!