Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Ramblings

What will you remember on Monday? Admittedly, I will hit the outlets on the way home from spending the weekend in the mountains, enjoying the unofficial start of Summer. I don't plan on buying much of anything but I do enjoy a bit of 'retail therapy' from time to time. So Summer, Sales, what else?? Take a moment to remember our fighting men and women and the sacrifices that have been made on our collective behalf. We live in a great country and we are blessed that we can freely drive/fly wherever we want this weekend, have the ability to enjoy whatever activities we choose and (as noted above) we are not limited in choices, but for how much we're willing (or able) to spend. God Bless America!

High gas prices? HA! It's funny how much bottled water we consume as Americans. We pay MUCH MORE than $4/gallon for the privilege of drinking water often bottled from some other random city's public source! Crazy!

I tried one of those $2.97 bottles of red from the grocery (not 2 Buck Chuck) the other day... Man, do you ever get what you pay for! (Though I will let you know about the similarly priced white that may show promise).

Remember: NO OUTDOOR WATERING dang it! 'Back in the day' it was popular for people to 'turf' people's yards (remember: I'm just a redneck from KY). That would entail either driving up/over someone's yard or just backing in and 'letting it rip'. While I never did that (esp. after a buddy got tossed in jail) I'd love to start now, by driving through my daily sprinkler neighbor's yard!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Ramblings from recent email newsletter

Okay, so it's been since the end of March since my last newsletter (is this confessional??), I guess I had Spring Fever (more like Spring BREAK fever). I was happy to have been BUSY in April/early May as well! Thanks for those of you who entrusted your friends & clients to us!

Not going to do much economic news in this one to make wine lovers happy! Suffice it to say that I wish our politicians could understand how the laws of Supply and Demand work. And I could also go off on a rant about how ethanol subsidies have caused HUGE issues. Actually, click HERE--it's very important and you may learn something : ) Maybe I'll comment on that next time, or maybe I'll post a separate blog entry. Check out all 3 blogs; the info is on the bottom of this newsletter.

Why are people watering their lawns again? We are NOT out of drought conditions! In Cobb, you can water new landscaping for 10 weeks (with restrictions), but established lawns, etc. can ONLY be HAND WATERED for 25 minutes, from 5am-9am using an odd-even schedule. TURN OFF those silly irrigation systems! Check your local municipalities' website!

Random thoughts: Why do people wear those fleece/velour sweatsuits in public? They are NOT flattering. While I'm at it, men should not wear 'wife-beater' tank tops (yeah, like I'm the fashion police-I wear bowties and seersucker suits from time to time : ) While I am venting, I also hate tailgaters and left-lane interstate cruisers. My 2 cents : )