Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What I did for my Summer Vacation...

From my most recent newsletter...

As I opened up iContact to work on this newsletter, I was embarassed to see that my LAST email (entitled "Who Am I?") was dated June 12th. Alas, I fell victim to the Summertime blues and I did not keep up with my blogs or my newsletters. Shame on me! I trust you were able to find your own wines and figured out the economy all by yourself? Congrats! Me? I got to spend quality time with my family. My parents took Susie and I to Hawaii (along with my sister and her husband) over the 4th of July holiday and earlier this month, Susie got to celebrate her birthday in Puerto Rico (grab a great deal quickly before flights go up!). As for our kids, Julia finally got to go to 'horse camp' for a week while poor Joey had football practice just about every day. Other activities included a family garage sale and going to some great concerts (in fact, my ears are still ringing from the Jonas Brothers last Saturday--little girls sure can scream loudly!). How about you? Anything fun for you this past Summer? Let me hear from you soon!

New Website is up and running!

Check out and see what you think! Yes, we still need to sort out a few pages, but we're finally up and running in cyberspace! Cheers, Bo

Monday, August 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers Live!

Well, I can now say that I have seen the Jonas Brothers. I don't know what month the Beatles hit ATL back in 1965, but suffice it to say that I wasn't old enough to have been there :) I WAS at the Jonas Brothers concert last Saturday night and I have to admit that I enjoyed the show. My ears, however, have a different opinion! I am not sure but if you compared the decibel level of a 747 at takeoff to the screams of teen and pre-teen girls there would be a close comparison! I read about the ATL show that the Beatles had--evidently a local engineer rigged up the first true concert sound system and the band could actually hear themselves (vs. NYC and prior concerts where they couldn't hear themselves over the screams of the girls). Ditto for ATL circa 2009--the sound quality is much better (i.e. you could hear (and feel) the music, despite the 2 gals next to us screaming "I love you Nick"). I really can't describe how the screams would reverberate throughout my head--it's like they hit some heretofore unknown frequency that made my ears bleed (okay, that's an exaggeration but it sure seemed that way Sunday morning).

It was great for Susie and I to watch our 9 year old smiling and enjoying the concert. Julia had a ball and I know she had a great time (though she was worried about being able to hear her teacher today!). Her first concert was also this year(No Doubt was at Lakewood; a great show, but horrid location and HOT)-- now she can say she's seen her idols. Susie and I may look back when we're old and gray in our rocking chairs (and the Jonas Brothers are headlining in Vegas) and we can say we saw them at their peak (who knows; they may even be bigger than they are right now; here's hoping they escape the 'teen idol' image and continue to make music years and years from now... you never know!). We'll see! In the meantime, next time I will know to take earplugs--you should too :) Cheers, Bo