Thursday, July 3, 2008

50 years and counting!

June 28, 1958 is when the photo was taken... My Mom & Dad were married in Owensboro, KY by my Great-grandfather! We had the honor of having a party for them last weekend and it was truly a wonderful experience! Dad's old band from Louisville made the trip back to 'the big O' as we call it and we had a ball. I am so proud of them and so happy to be married to Susie, though we'd be in our 90's if we make it to our 50th (I'm sure you'll hear about our 2 year anniv. this Sept!).

Speaking of Fathers, I finally got an iPod for Father's day; I feel so modern now ; ) Loading songs takes a while, but 865 so far...

Rambles: Too Hot and Still Rocking!

Here's our view of rocker Eddie Money at the Mable House Amphitheatre in southwest Cobb County last month. He can still rock & roll but his voice is a bit weak these days... I had forgotten how many hit songs he has! Can you name more than 3? I bet you can! The venue is very cool; think very small Verizon/Encore Park (but you can take YOUR OWN FOOD/WINE in there so it is infinitely better!)

On that note, yes, he put on a great show, but what was burning up? MY WINE. I know better... MUCH better, but I managed to leave my wine in the trunk for most of the day. Results? Not vinegar, but the cork was leaking a tiny bit and the wine was actually lukewarm/hot when I poured it. Shame on me! Pull my 'wino' credentials right now! So let this be a lesson to you-don't do as I did! If you buy wine, keep it cool/keep it in the car (unopened :)

Random kudos: I like people who say what they will do.. and DO IT! I recently had 2 service appointments with Northwest Exterminating-not only were they within their time window-they were right on time/early! Thumbs up!

As I've noted before, I am somewhat 'green' and try do my part for the environment when I can. While we do need to conserve and find alternative energy sources (NOT Ethanol as you may guess!) we are held hostage by foreign oil producers. People, it is time to drill in ANWR as it was set aside years ago. Likewise, we can responsibly drill off our coasts--did you know China is set to drill off Cuba? SIGN THIS PETITION NOW!