Monday, June 22, 2009

Selling versus Listing

I know that we are still in a tough real estate market and I know that every day you need to be out there calling and working on getting new business. I do, however, find it interesting how some real estate agents work so hard at 'selling' me to list with them. I had one agent repeatedly ask me to list my house with them so we can 'get it sold'. I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly but let's be honest--I want someone to sell my HOUSE not sell ME on listing with them. If you have a buyer, bring them to me. I guarantee you will be paid as it is right on the listing contract. If you keep your buyers to yourself (or try to push only your own listings) then you may be wasting your time. I guess that's my mindset--get a deal closed--any deal. I remember my Mom griping about a small listing she had years ago as it was turning into a lot of work. I reminded her that a lot of small listings (and SALES) = a large paycheck. There are worse things than that I guess! So as you pick up the phone to cold call expired listings, remember that your focus is on the client and getting the house sold (yes, I know that's what the agent was telling me) but you can do that any day of the week if you can just round up the right person--that rare person known as a BUYER. That's who you need to find-people who know that you are going to find them the perfect house--perfect for THEM, not perfect because it has your listing sign in the yard. That's my 2 cents as a seller! Am I missing something here?