Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Atlanta Closing Attorney

It's funny how people 'find' you on the web. Obviously you can do a Google search for "Bo Wagner", though you will not only find me, but a tap dancer and marimba player from the band "Starbuck" (remember the song "Moonlight, Feels Right"?). Choosing the search term "Harris Wagner Law Group" will point you right to our website (or my original 'fun' site at www.boknowsclosings.com that I created prior to having an official site). You might even try searching for "real estate attorney" and other terms that the web dudes put together for SEO (Search engine optimization) and find us. Regardless, I hope you CAN find us as a) we spent some money putting up www.harriswagnerlaw.com and b) we want to be YOUR firm of choice.

To continue with buzz words, what's our USP? Our "unique selling proposition" is actually no different than many other firms out there. We all offer 'service' and promise to take care of your customers. Likewise there are firms out there that are both cheaper or more expensive to work with. Ditto for some firms that may have a disco (my word, means a really 'trick' or 'cool') system for ordering titles or emails that keep you in the loop each time a document is received. All that is great, but our USP is really tied up in 5 things:

Bo, Susie, Jeff, and Will (Ellen too!)

WE are the USP and WE make this a 'family' affair. Every person working in a real estate firm gets paid for their efforts (well, maybe not last year : ) but do they have true ownership in the firm? Sure, the partners or owners actually have ownership, but how important is that title order or contract on the fax to them? Is it a paycheck or a person? Obviously we aren't in this as a charity; I do need to pay my own mortgage. However, I know that each person walking in the door is hugely important to us. YOU bring your friends/clients/co-workers/referrals to us; not only is it our JOB to take care of them, we are lucky enough that you are entrusting them to us! I've shared the tears of a widow selling her old home that's become too much for her to handle; I've laughed at the excitement of a first-time homebuyer overwhelmed at the stack of paperwork. From time to time we've even dealt with situations where the buyers and sellers aren't getting along. We've stayed late on a Friday to make sure that a transaction is closed so the movers can do their job for the 'homeless' buyers moving from out of state.

WHY? We LOVE our job! We LOVE the people! This is our job, this is our LIFE. Each time we sit at the closing table, the world revolves around the people sitting at that table--not me. Other closings may be blowing up or we may have issues behind the scenes but that closing table is a 'refuge' and we will take care of everyone there. Sometimes I feel 'evangelical' as this process can take the form of a ministry for me. In my life I am far from perfect--but at that closing table, I know that I have to take care of the people surrounding me. We are all home owners here, we have our own stories and problems we face. We all have had good experiences with firms and bad--that's why we opened our OWN firm. We understand how this process works and the way it feels when something does or doesn't work. The last thing I'll say is this: WE CARE. Give us a shot and you'll see that passion at work. Real Estate is what we do. It's ALL we do. Come see us soon!

Proud to be an American

THIS ARTICLE shows why America is such a great country! The freak situation related to the volcanic ash clouds over Europe has stranded many travelers, both IN Europe and in the USA. While our European brothers and sisters may be doing the same thing for these poor souls I wanted to share the article I read so that you can see God in action/alive and well in our country. God Bless our Country and its Citizens! Kudos to the people graciously opening their homes!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Poll: 4 out of 5 Americans don't trust Washington

DUH! Read THIS ARTICLE to see the details, but I can summarize by saying that BOTH sides have failed us. It seems to be more important to be re-elected (to keep their power and perks) versus actually serving the constituents that elected them. My 2 cents... Get rid of all of them this November!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Autographs here!

It's always nice to see your name in print--well, let me edit that... It's always nice to see your name in print for a POSITIVE story! Read THIS ARTICLE from the AJC and hear a bit of positive news about Real Estate. Plus, it's great to have a comment from our own Jeff Harris included! Cheers! Bo